How to arrive to Casa Colonial:

--> From TFS airport, follow the way to Santa Cruz.

--> 45 minutes later, you will see the exit to Radazul but keep going on the motorway until you find one minute later the blue panels on the left, like the following photo (you have a lot of time to do that, not be on a hurry but it is better if you get to the right on advance):

--> There is usually a long cue, but one minute later you will be able to see a blue panel like the following image, that leads you to La Laguna/Autopista del Norte:

--> Once on the bridge, you have to follow the sign to Autopista del Norte

--> You will be going up a hill that seems to last forever, but it will flatten out after about 5km. When it flattens out, stick to the left lane. You will come against TWO tunnels, you must take the left-hand tunnel, and drive slowly (Follow the sign TF-5 Puerto de la Cruz).

--> After that, just follow the signs to Puerto de la Cruz. Keep on going through the North Motorway (Autopista del Norte).

--> After 25 minutes you will see the first exit to Puerto de la Cruz, keep on going through the motorway and take EXIT 35 Puerto de la Cruz SALIDA:

--> Keep going straight until you find a SHELL petrol station to the right; now follow the road down to Puerto and drive for 2 minutes until you find a roundabout just after Hotel Puerto Palace: 

--> After you pass the roundabout, you have the take the following entrance on the RIGHT:

--> Once you have taken that street you are now on Calle Tigaiga, look for number 4.


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How to access the house:

To open it you need a code that you will receive through the platform three days due to the arrival date.

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